A Word on Following Your Dreams...

There is an adorable flower shop in town. Lovely location, super charming windows, natural light everywhere. About 9 years ago Nate and I were walking by and I thought, "I'd love to buy that flower shop" which was immediately followed by me thinking, "The owner would never sell. She has the perfect space." Every single time we walked by that flower shop I dreamed about owning it. I pictured myself with stems of flowers in my hands, Norah Jones playing in the background, cute, yet practical apron around my waist.

It was a dream I never pursued. Because I told myself it would never happen.

Fast forward some years and someone else bought that flower shop. Someone had the same dream. I don't have any negative feelings about someone else now living what was really a fantasy of mine, but what I do have is some serious reflection about the possibility of the "I would love to...." statements. What if I had walked into that shop 9 years ago and said, "This may sound crazy, but want to sell your flower shop?" Who knows what that conversation would have led to. 

I have other dreams and ideas that I've left untouched. Some dreams are meant to be shelved.

Others need to be brought to light.

The Birth Journal was an idea that I knew was a reality for me to create, without a doubt. Some of the ideas in my mind are ones I still hope to bring to light. 

I share this here to encourage you, don't wait. Or maybe better, don't tell yourself your idea isn't possible. That's the surest way to guarantee your dream won't come to fruition. If you have something you want to pursue, please please do it. At a minimum, give yourself permission to entertain what that reality would actually look like.

Walk into that flower shop, friends.