Our Story

Hi, Julie here! I'm so glad you found your way to The Birth Journal. This journal is a gift. A gift to my babies and a gift to all you sweet mamas. I created it for you. The Birth Journal started as an idea while driving home from Thanksgiving dinner at my cousin's house. A touch over a year later (and lots of work in between) it was a physical journal ready to hold your birth stories. But in hindsight, The Birth Journal was really conceived while pregnant with my daughter, when my obsession with birth stories began. 

The birth stories I read and listened to while pregnant contained so much beauty, strength, emotion and straight up education. I couldn’t get enough. I knew I’d write my own birth stories, which I did. Though I didn’t actually write them. I clunked out the words on my computer. And there my stories sat, tucked away in word processing docs. While I’m glad those moments were captured at all, I found myself wishing my most miraculous stories were recorded in a more meaningful and beautiful way. That I had connected with my birth stories through the nostalgic magic of my handwriting. That my birth stories had a little more life than my laptop provided. That I could one day hand my babies their birth stories and they could recognize my curvy letters as the same handwriting found on the notes in their lunchboxes. So I created The Birth Journal, a space for mamas like you to connect to the powerful transformation of giving birth and becoming a mama, whether that's for the first time or the fifth time!

Along the way I founded Eliza Paper Space, the business home of The Birth Journal. Here at Eliza Paper Space we’re obsessed with our babies and we've got a thing for space. The sacred space that is home. Loving that our kids are all up in our personal space. The blank space of the pages for you to write your story. The space within every day life where the good stuff happens. This is Eliza Paper Space.

We have more goodness coming your way. And if you’re sappy like we are, we’re guessing what we’ve created for you (and what we’re workin’ on) will make you cry, give you goosebumps, and leave you feeling pretty dang powerful + amazing as you reflect on the words of your story. Thank you for being along for the ride as we continue to grow and take up space in the most intentional way we know how.

Talk soon!

(And if you'd like a little bit more, you can read a letter from me to you.)