Meaningful Mother's Day - A gift for mom

This Mother's Day my mom will be getting a gift that one day I want her to give back to me. My mom is getting The Birth Journal. Yes, she last gave birth 28 years ago, to the day, and even longer ago than that when she had me. But birth stories, like many transformational stories in our lives, stick with us in so much detail. Of course the nitty gritty can get fuzzy with time. But the major details, emotions, goosebump-giving moments... those we don't forget. Try asking your grandparents how they met and watch their eyes show just how clearly they remember. It's never too late to write our stories.

It's never too late to write your birth story. 

I've said that line a hundred times and I've also said, "Imagine reading about the day you were born written in your mother's handwriting??" I've said that in reference to what we can give our babies with The Birth Journal, the power of our babies one day reading about the day they were born in the same handwriting found on the notes in their lunchboxes. Then it dawned on me that, thankfully, I can still have that for myself. I absolutely cannot wait to read all about the day I was born, written in that curvy handwriting I would recognize ANYWHERE. I cannot wait. A gift for my mama, one day for me.