It's Never Too Late to Write Your Birth Story

When it comes to writing your birth story, it really is never too late to get started. In the process of developing The Birth Journal I had some mama friends tell me they never wrote their birth story. At all. Not a word handwritten or typed. There were various reasons. Early postpartum days were full of lots of baby cries and writing just didn't happen. A traumatic birth experience that didn't want to be revisited. No concrete reasons, except that intentions to write it "soon" turned into years passing without the story being written. 

In those conversations I also heard "I remember it clear as day. I could tell you every single detail of my birth story right now" and "With your journal I'll finally get around to writing it" and "My daughter is 12. I think it's time to write my birth story." If there is an inkling inside of you wishing you'd written your birth story, do it! It doesn't matter if it was months or years ago. That story LIVES within you. Think of other significant stories in your life, like the story of meeting your partner, the "so how'd you two meet?" cocktail party question I love so much. You could speak and write that story in detail with all the feels and emotion. I bet you would even get goosebumps or laugh or effortlessly go back in time feeling the age you were when you met each other.

Now think for just a few seconds about writing your birth story. Just maybe, it's time to get around to writing it. And you know I mean with a pen. Pass on that nostalgic magic of your handwriting.