Sweet Reminders to Slow Down

It's spring break in our house this week and I have to say, so far it has been glorious. We've been staying in our jammies a bit longer in the morning, taking walks to the park, playing with trains and race cars on the living room floor, and keeping busy while also having quiet moments at home. 

While there is a ton of energy going on in our house and yard, there have also been sweet reminders to simply slow down. My girl noticing tiny flowers pushing through the dirt. Hearing, then finally spotting, an incredibly loud woodpecker. Painting wooden eggs with the most intense concentration you've seen from a five year old (and the lightning speed of a busy two year old). I've found this first technical spring break from school to be, well happy.

Now before you get thinking this has been all peaceful moments, we've also had fights over the blue race car and two year old teeth trying to bite big sister over that same blue race car. But I'll take it. I'll take all of it. I'll join you in all the cliches saying that these truly will be the days I look back on, and smile, and long for. So I'll take them, just as they are, feeling all that goodness now as well.

Happy Spring Break (if it's that time for you, too!)