The Birth Journal on The Birth Hour Podcast: Sharing My Birth Stories

A few months ago I sat on my closet floor, earbuds in, to chat with Bryn of The Birth Hour. If you haven't listened, this podcast gives you any birth story fix you may need. Over the years the podcast covers most birth experiences you can think of. It only felt natural for me to be a guest on the show and share my own birth stories. You know by now I've got a thing for the amazingly powerful goodness that birth stories hold.

The recording process was easy, peasy. I can talk birth, friends. And sharing my own stories with Bryn, stories that I know so intimately, was like sitting on the couch with a friend while we talked and drank coffee. But once my stories were live, ready for anyone with a computer or smart phone to listen to, I got a little nervous. It started to feel more vulnerable than expected. 

But the day after they aired, while cooking dinner, I listened to my birth stories. And just like that, vulnerabilities were gone and I was swept back into that birth story space of my mind. I was happy to hear and share my stories. I'll admit, at first it was a touch strange to hear myself recount my stories. But it was also pretty incredible to have my own voice take me back to some of my most transformational mama moments.

Here is some of what I share on The Birth Hour:

  • what it's really like to drink castor oil to naturally induce labor 
  • the counting and tapping rhythm I used to manage contractions
  • how my husband reacted to me being rushed to an OR (this is the part where I cry)
  • what led to an unplanned water birth with my son
  • my one and only birth-related regret

I share all the nitty gritty on the podcast! To hear it all you can head on over to the The Birth Hour or check out The Birth Hour, Episode 284 on iTunes.

Photo of my babies and me when my son was just days old, by Melanie Reyes Photography.