When Does Your Birth Story Begin: Birth Story Writing Guide

My first birth story begins before any sort of labor activity started. I was 10 days past my due date and wondering whether or not to move up my induction date or drink castor oil to more naturally induce labor. There are pages to my birth story about that decision-making process and it all took place before a single contraction. My second birth story starts with me describing the minutes leading up to my water breaking pretty unexpectedly. I think of a friend whose birth story starts as she learns she will be induced later that evening and her anxiety over the impending process. Another friend's birth story begins as she recounts the happenings of being in labor and not even realizing it. 

So where does your birth story begin? Those beginning words are some of my favorites. And with all things related to birth stories and the way our guide approaches them, there's no right or wrong, no rules, no birth story writing templates (though we offer support, inspiration, and writing tips.) You can start at the end if you want to!

Feeling stuck?... pretend you're sitting across from me, your mom, your best friend, your sister. Think of your babe and start telling your story. That is your beginning...